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Perroquet Chinois Earl Derr Biggers

Perroquet Chinois

Earl Derr Biggers

Published 1984
ISBN : 9782702415405
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 About the Book 

Well, its official. After 2 Chan Chan mysteries, Im hooked. Im sold.I am really enjoying this writer, this series and this smart, patient, funny and amazing Chinese detective.Why did writer Earl Derr Biggers have to die in 1933 with only 6 Chan mystery stories under his belt? I could kill him for dying much too young! Why couldnt he have taken a page from Agatha Christies or Georgette Heyers playbook and been as prolific with his stories as 2 rabbits on a honeymoon?Why, Biggers, why?This is golden age mystery as its most golden. A smart, witty and engrossing murder mystery that takes the reader to the 1920s California desert and keeps them there interested for 270 pages. Biggers delivers a little mayhem, a little romance, a little travelog and a whole lot of reading pleasure. His main characters are as charming and old-fashioned as only characters could be in 1926, and yet the stories dont feel dated, but fresh and alive even in 2011.If you like mysteries, especially those from this time period, then get off your butt and go read these pronto. Charlie is too good to go unnoticed any longer.