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SoKoDiaries: Culture Shock Nailah Harvey

SoKoDiaries: Culture Shock

Nailah Harvey

Published November 29th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Can you imagine eating kimchi—a spicy cabbage—for breakfast, lunch and dinner? In South Korea (SoKo), it is quite common to eat this particular dish with rice at any time of day. Nailah learned this and many other things while on her seasonal journey in Eastern Asia. From receiving a roll of toilet tissue at the grand opening of a cell phone store, to attending Korean church, Nailah experienced a great deal of culture shock in SoKo. She learned the beauty in cultural differences, but quite shockingly, Nailah learned a lot more about herself. Her cultural and spiritual journey went hand in hand. Don’t take anything Nailah says for gospel, but enjoy the ride as she takes you on an “ethnically homogeneous” roller coaster through “The Land of the Morning Calm”.